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A Girl’s Real Best Friend

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I should start this by stating that I am obsessed with our pup, Kyro. She’s my little baby, no really, I treat her as if she is my child, it’s pretty bad. Anyhow, Dan and I adopted her a couple of years ago and she is a huge part of our lives. That got me thinking, could I involve her somehow how in our day? I should also state that Kyro is a wee bit energetic and by that I mean a total crazy, never sit still dog! She wouldn’t do well in a large group; she would be barking, jumping and just an overall nuisance, not really something we would want at our wedding (even if it was allowed). She is cute, though, right?!


The idea of having her as our flower girl/ring bearer is awesome. It wouldn’t work for us, but if that is something that would work for your wedding, this an adorable bandana for your pup.


If you are unable to have your pet in your wedding, another idea would to arrange to have them brought to your photography location for some fun pictures.


Photo credit: Peter Miller Photography

To make it easy on you and your groom, you can include your dog in your engagement pictures so that they will still be a part of your day, but you won’t have to stress during your day.


Photo credit: Neri Photo


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