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Choosing your Bridesmaids

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Right behind finding the love of your life, this might be the hardest decision for some! First, you and your mate have to decide if you want a large bridal party or something small and intimate. I have been to weddings where there is only one person on each side and other weddings where there was 10 or more! The number is different for every bride and you have to follow your heart on who you want to stand on the alter with you and your betrothed.  Second, while you don’t hurt peoples feelings, you really want to make sure that you remember this is about the two of you and don’t choose bridesmaids to make others happy. This will be your support team, so you’ll want to know that they are there to help you when you need it. I found an article from Huffington Post which compiled some expert tips on choosing your party.

Once you’ve decided, now you get to ask those special ladies (or gentlemen)! You can always go the simple and easy route of calling them up or taking them out to lunch, or you can take a more elaborate approach with some of the ideas below!

This card is fun and sentimental at the same time.


A gift box is also an unexpected way to ask.


Custom wine labels are unique for those wine lovers in your group.


And there’s always popping the question with a ring!



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