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Colored Wedding Bands


A new trend I’ve seen in the bridal world lately is colored gemstones for a bride’s wedding band, instead of the normal diamond or plain metal band. I, personally, am in love with this trend as I am obsessed with my birthstone, sapphire. I have many other pieces of jewelry with sapphires, and what better way to wear them than with my wedding band!

This band below is almost exactly what I want! I could probably do without the extra two rows of diamonds and just stick with the sapphires. That way it would cut down on the cost, as well as making sure I have room on my finger!


25 Karats

If you prefer another birthstone or just another color, I’ve found some options below!


Inter-Continental Jewelers / Reiniger Diamonds / Long’s Jewlers / MDC Diamonds

The best part about jewelry is that it can be easily customized. If you find a diamond band and would rather have colored gemstones, let your jeweler know and they can switch them out for you!


2 thoughts on “Colored Wedding Bands

  1. I just got a new wedding ring for our fifth wedding anniversary. Yellow diamonds. I love it more than my original wedding ring!

    Here’s the post:



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