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Other than the mess, how fun is confetti!? Before researching, I thought the only way to bring confetti into your wedding would be to throw it on the bride and groom as they leave. For us, that wouldn’t really work. For starters, our ceremony site is also our reception room, so they would have to clean up during cocktail hour, and second, I don’t think that we will have a “grand exit”, only our short walk back down the aisle. So how else could you incorporate confetti into your day? Well here are some ways that I found! I think my favorite would have to be the shoes!


Cake: Have Your Cake / Shoes: Confetti System / Ring and Sprinkles: Diana Rush Photography / Reception Card: Marry Moment


Bride/Bridesmaids: Ilene Squires Photography / Invite: Shine Wedding Invitations / Glasses: Radical Possibility


Confetti Bar: Brooklyn Wedding Photography / Confetti Bag: LCI Paper / Pretzels: Southern Weddings


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