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Dan’s First Look


During this journey, I think the hardest thing for me has been to keep my dress a secret from Dan. As for most of us, we tell our significant others everything, most especially when we have high emotions about something. The second I picked out my dress, I wanted to text him a picture, but I knew that he wanted to be surprised on our wedding day, so I held back.

This is why I’m so excited to do a first look! Most brides would rather see their groom for the first time when they walk into their ceremony, but I’m on the opposite end of that spectrum! I want his first viewing of me to be private and just for us (although, I’m pondering doing it on Michigan Ave!). Dan wasn’t on board as much when I first put the idea out there, but after looking at the schedule for the day and telling him that he would have to miss cocktail hour in order to take pictures, he quickly changed his mind! He also warmed to the idea when I showed him some of my favorite first look pictures!


Frances Photography / Bella Gala / True Photography

These three were shot by our talented photographer Dawn E Roscoe Photography, so I know that our vision will be captured perfectly!


I love the shot below of the groom being brought to tears and the top right shot means so much to me because it is one of my beautiful friend, Jodie, seeing her groom, Fareed!


Elizabeth in Love  / Mitch Ranger Weddings  / Kate McElwee Photography

What are your thoughts on a the bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony?


2 thoughts on “Dan’s First Look

  1. I eloped and so my husband and I got ready together in our bedroom. We were 24 years old. We listened to records and drank coffee, all before 9 am. In that case, I’m glad we saw each other before getting married. However, if I would’ve gotten married in a church, I would have done the opposite.



    • We’re sleeping in the same room the night before and I my friends and family freaked out when they heard! I couldn’t believe how old school everyone was being ha!

      What a perfect way to begin your wedding day!


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