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Don’t Let the Beat Drop!

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When you think about all the weddings you’ve attended, what is your first thought of? Personally, I think of the fun time I had out on the dance floor! I’ve been lucky enough to witness, firsthand, a DJ doing the Thriller dance, another DJ whipping out some lingerie (which our male friends put on), and the DJ calling me and my best girl friends onto the dance floor to relive our college days with some “Pour Some Sugar on Me”! The collective element in all of these experiences is the DJ! They can make or break your reception; after dinner is done, the cake is cut and your groom has slowed danced you around the dance floor, the fun can commence!

When looking for a DJ or band, you want to make sure that you find someone with a fun, lively personality, so that they can help you to get people out on the dance floor, but not too much in that they take away from you and your groom. We were lucky enough to find a DJ company in which we have a mutual friend, so we had a built in reference! After going to their website, DJ Firm, and reading the reviews from other brides and grooms, I had a pretty good feeling that we’ve found our guy! We still have to meet with and finalize some details, but at least we are getting the ball rolling securing our vendors! Dan and I have discussed using uplighting during our reception, and luckily, most DJ’s take care of that these days. The less vendors that I have to work with and organize the better! Once we make a decision and iron out the details, I’ll be back with more info!


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Direct Sound and Lighting


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