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Engagement Photos Part One

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Before beginning this process, I’ve always felt that there were two things that couples spent too much money on when planning their wedding, first: save the dates (we’ll get to that in a later post) and second: engagement photos. I never fully understood (and still don’t) the reasoning behind getting them, aside from being able to work with your photographer before the big day, but hey, it’s always fun to get gussied up and take some pictures!

Early on in the process, Dan and I had decided to save the money and not do an engagement session (keep in mind, many photogs will give you extra time on your wedding day if you forgo the engagement session), then my good friend and favorite photographer Ingrid Bonne of Ingrid Bonne Photography told us that for our wedding present, she would shoot us for an engagement session! What an amazing and gracious gift! I LOVE Ingrid’s work, but had decided against having her as our photographer since we wanted her to enjoy our day with us and her husband, Ramon. I like to think of her as the photographer that got away, but now, I got her back! I was ecstatic! I’ve always wanted the pleasure of working with such a talented photographer and here was my chance!

Ingrid has a knack for finding those moments in time that you didn’t realized happened, even though you were a part of it. Here are just a few of those moments:








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