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Flowered Aisles

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Flowers are quintessential wedding décor; I can’t remember a wedding I’ve been to, seen on TV or in a movie or heard about from a friend that didn’t have flowers somewhere in the mix! Very often, you will have a flower girl(s) to spread petals while shyly walking down the aisle with the ring bearer. Our ceremony will be a bit different, as we are not going to have a flower girl or ring bearer, so if we want flowers decorating our aisle, then we will have to put them there ourselves. Whether you sprinkle petals along the sides of the runner or have your florist create a distinct and original pattern, flowers are sure to be a hit for the walk to your groom!

I love the mix of a few simple petals with the candles.


Megan Dandeles Photography

The color and pattern of this one is amazing! So unique and eye catching.


Nikki Khan Photography

Ombre is a HUGE trend and you can work it into so many details of your wedding!


Liz and Ryan

You can also purchase a premade flowered runner, so you can still get the look without having to pay the price or DIY (which I am NOT good at!)



I personally am going to do something that I’ve never heard of before; I have saved petals of the flowers that Dan has given me over our years together and have decided to spread them down the aisle, in symbolism of us moving from our dating life to our married union.

Will you incorporate flowers into your aisle?


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