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Guest Attire

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Other than the weather, the one thing during your wedding planning process you are completely unable to predict is what your guests will wear. I have always been taught that you can never be overdressed, so normally when attending a wedding, I go more dressy then casual. I have attended many weddings though, where there is always that person, who comes in jeans, t-shirt, hat, holding a red solo cup, etc. You can almost see the bride cringing as she picks out that one individual in the crowd. While someone not adhering to a dress code shouldn’t ruin your day, you would still like everyone to look their best, especially if they are going to be in your everlasting pictures.

One way to cut down on the possibility of a rouge guest is to write in the dress code on your invitations. I found a wonderful compilation of the various forms of dress and what is acceptable for each. Hopefully, your guests will note that there is a code written and if they don’t know what that entails, they can google it!


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