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Head Table versus Sweetheart Table

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Through most of the weddings that I’ve had the pleasure of attending, very rarely have I seen the bride and groom both sit down and enjoy their meal! They are typically up and around the room greeting their guests or grabbing a drink at the bar. More often then not, the bridal party is at the front of the room with two empty seats in between them. This is why I feel it is more practical to have a sweetheart table instead of a head table.

You can style them similarly, so the feel is the same, just with a few less chairs!

Pretty in Pink:


Top: Wedding Wows  Bottom: Lily Stein Photography

Silver Opulence:


Top:The Wedding Decorators Inc  Bottom: Wedding Wows

Happy Yellow:


Left: Love Shack Photo Right: Cliff Mautner

Sweet Cream:


Top: Elizabeth Anne Designs  Bottom: Purple Martini Photography

Lavender Accents:


Top: ME Photo Design  Bottom: Aileen Tran

Golden Touch:


Top: Connection Photography  Bottom: Genevieve Nisly

Red Hot:


Left: Chameleon Events Right: Honey Bee Weddings


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