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Honoring Moms!

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If you are anything like Dan and I, you are very close to your mom. We are so lucky in that we have been blessed with wonderful moms who would go to the end of the Earth for us, but also know how to keep us in check!

While the big day is about the Bride and Groom, the MOB and MOG are a huge part of the day and should be recognized. There are many ways to take a moment to reflect on how important they are and I have decided to show my mom, Diane, how important she is to me, by asking her to walk me down the aisle.

I also love the idea of the generation wedding ring picture, with your mom and grandmother


Photo Credit: George Street Photo and Video

This photo frame is also a beautiful way to remember the day with a picture of the two of you.


These Survival Kits are a fun way to keep everything running smoothly for the most important women in your lives!

How will you honor the ladies who love you most?


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