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As I noted in a previous post, my mom, Dan’s mom and I got together for lunch and then off for dress shopping! When we walked into the salon, I noticed a life size cut out of David and a rack of his dresses! I got uber excited! I didn’t see my top three picks, but after speaking with the consultant, she found two of them in the back for me, so it was time to get started. I will share a few of the dresses that I tried on, but I’m not giving away the beauty that I picked in the end! You’ll just have to wait for that one!

Here is the back and front of Anita



Here are the back and front views of Charlene



Lastly, we have the front and back of Helen



I did try on a couple more, in addition to MY dress, but I wasn’t as excited about them as I was about these.  I found it and can’t wait to share it with Dan and all of you!


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