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Ice Sculptures

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As I sit here icing my legs after a long 16 mile run, I can’t help but think of an awesome wedding idea…ice sculptures! Creating an ice sculpture is an intricate and delicate task, taking a large block of ice and carving it into a design specifically for the bride and groom.

This piece from Art Below Zero would be an awesome addition to Miss Romantic Bride’s Philly Wedding Day!



What a fun way to serve the drinks and keep them ice cold!

Daniel Taylor Photography


Brookline Ice Co


This unique set of ice blocks can show off what ingredients are included in your signature drinks!

Don Chapelle


Arabia Weddings


The Fleur De Lis captured by Studio E Photography is a traditional addition to any New Orleans wedding!


This is an awesome, eye catching way to show off what types of liquor you will serving at your reception!



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