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Keeping it Sparkle!

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I can’t begin to tell you how often I look at my left hand these days and I’m showing it off more than ever! The light will catch my ring and draws my eyes to my hand and each time, I smile. I love looking at my ring! To be honest, a wedding and even more, a marriage, is not about a ring, but what girl doesn’t like a little sparkle on her hand?!

One thing I have noticed lately is that it can get dirty quickly, which is never a good look! I work in fitness so I sweat, A LOT and I’m always working with my hands, so the dirt and grim can easily make it’s way to my ring. It got me thinking, how often should I be cleaning this? I found this article on Martha Stewart Weddings which highlighted a couple of great tips, like not to use ammonia on stones other than a diamond and also to visit your jeweler at least twice per year to make sure that it is maintained properly. Another great tip is to take your ring off when working with your hands (I always put mine away when lifting weights). It’s also fun to get your nails done regularly, but that can get a bit expensive, so clean that ring and let it’s beauty speak for itself!


Ingrid Bonne Photography


Grey Likes Weddings


OneWed highlighted this Diamond Dazzle Stik which I think I’m going to have to purchase immediately!


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