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I’ve mentioned before (in a post here) how much I love light and candles and want to incorporate it into our vision as much as possible. One way to complete this vision is to have lanterns around your venue, whether that be down the aisle or as your centerpiece. If you choose to do lanterns, either on some of your tables or all, this may help to cut down on the cost of flowers, while still showing off your wedding in a beautiful light (pun intended)!

Lanterns can bring a rustic or modern effect onto your table. I found some stylish ideas that could go either route! Check them out below:

Here is a vintage lantern placed on a beautiful mosaic tile, stuffed with flowers.


Adam Barnes Photography

Large and small lanterns mixed together give the room a homey feeling.


Mark Eric Photography

Simple lantern with surrounding candles and flowers makes for a stunning tablescape.


Leah Haydock Photography

Below is an awesome DIY lantern, holding pictures from your past!


Redhead Can Decorate

Candles and lanterns adorning the aisle make for budget friendly decor, while looking ethereal.


Kelly Hornberger Photography

The bright pops of colored flowers and the metal lantern make for a modern look.


Christian Oth Photography


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