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Mismatching Ladies

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As I mentioned in my post, Mismatching Men, Dan has decided that he doesn’t want to wear the same suit color as his groomsmen. I’ve given thought to my bridal party attire as well and have decided that I don’t want my girls to wear the same dress or even style of dress. They are all different women and I don’t feel that they should all look alike, plus I want them to pick out a dress that they will actually wear again! At first I thought black would be an easy color, because what girl doesn’t have a (or want another) black dress, but as I’m seeing more neutral color palettes, I’m leaning in that direction.

I haven’t asked all of my bridesmaids yet, but once I do, I will gather them and ask what their thoughts are. Then I will take a vote and majority will rule as to what color palette will win!

This is becoming a bigger and bigger trend (Lauren Conrad even stole my idea!), so it was pretty easy to find pictures of my vision!


Ken Kienow Photography


Gideon Photography


Jason and Anna Photography

Since our colors are blue and purple, I have been thinking of having my MOH in one color and the rest in the other. Still letting them choose the dress, I would just choose the colors!


Michalas Studios

The rainbow bridal party below is awesome! I love that the bride wanted her bridesmaids to all stand out and still look cohesive!


Laura Murray Photography


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