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I recently received an email from our Westin coordinator, Phyllis, about setting up our menu and cake tastings! Our venue goes through Oak Mill Bakery for our cake, which makes it easy for us, one less decision we have to make! No hunting around, comparing styles and prices, it’s already in our package!

Well, this got me thinking, what do we want our cake to look like?! We’re simple, laid back, non-extravagant people, we don’t like a lot of flowers, ribbons, pearls or other designs, just simple, easy, good tasting cake!  In that case, what about a naked cake!? No muss, no fuss, no choosing between buttercream or fondant, pretty cool idea huh? And even without the frosting, they look beautiful! Check out some that I found!

Would you forgo the frosting for fresh fruit and/or flowers?! Check back to see what we decided on!


4 Eyes Photography


Natalie Bell Photography; Carried Away Cuisine


Feather and Twine


Alan Law


Cassidy Tuttle


Prince Productions


Elizabeth Ann Designs


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