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Nine Month Beauty Checklist

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It seems like yesterday we were 16 months away from our wedding date and now it’s down to nine! That made me start to think about my hair, skin and nails. If you have a problem area or want to change your look, it can’t happen overnight, and you need to prepare for this. Some things you might want to change, i.e. growing out your hair, can take months, depending on your current hair length, so it’s good to have a checklist to work off of to help you prepare to look your best on your big day!

I found a good compilation of what things you should be working on around the nine month mark:

-Begin thinking about what you want your hair to look like on your wedding day. If you see a style in a magazine or on the internet, save it! That way you can show your stylist what your preferred look is. This will also help to determine how long your hair needs to be.

-If you are noticing discoloration or sun spots on your skin, you might want to visit a dermatologist or consider some over the counter treatments.

-Ask your friends and read reviews about local hair stylists and makeup artists. Make sure your stylist can do the hair style that you want. Just because your friend loved her hair down for her wedding, doesn’t mean that stylist can do the killer braided updo you were looking for!

-Think about the space you have to get ready and if your beauty team should come to you or you go to the salon. If you only have a small hotel room available to you, it’s going to get very cramped in there, very quickly. (We are lucky enough to have a conference room in the hotel set aside for our use). Also, if you host getting ready in the bridal suite, make sure someone takes the bridesmaids’ things out of the room before you turn in for the night; you don’t want late night knocks on your door. 😉

-If you have any dental worries, begin working with a dentist or orthodontist. These issues will probably take the longest to change, so get to work on this early.

I’ll check back in a couple of months to make sure you’re on track and give you some more beauty tasks to consider!


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