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Our photographer!

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We’ve decided on our first vendor, our photographer! As I stated in an earlier post, I have a close friend that is a photographer (Ingrid Bonne Photography) and is going to shoot our engagement photos, but we knew we didn’t want her to shoot our big day, which meant we had to do some research. I had previously asked Ingrid for some recommendations for photographers with a style similar to hers, more photojournalistic in nature. I love moments in time, people laughing, crying, embracing, and just overall having a good time. After researching the professionals that she had sent me, we met with Dawn of Dawn E Roscoe Photography. I knew from the moment that I checked out her website that she had the exact style I was looking for, and after sitting down with her, that was it, I was sold. Dawn has an effervescent, lighthearted demeanor and is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable about her chosen profession and even better, it is her passion, not just a career. Dan and I spoke after the meeting and he (being the smart man he is) told me that it was up to me, if I felt comfortable, then let’s move forward with Dawn. I spoke with Dawn and she still had our date open, so we are moving forward! Yay!

Here is a small sampling of how talented she is and only some of the reason as to why I knew I wanted to work with her:








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