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Pineapple: The Welcome Fruit

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While speaking with a client recently, she informed me that pineapple has a very traditional and lengthy history across the world. I did a bit of research and found that, according to the Dole website, a pineapple was placed on the front porch to signify that a sailor was home and the family was ready to welcome guests! With it’s sweet taste and vibrant yellow color, this is not surprising.

This got me thinking, what is a wedding if not a celebration of gathering and welcoming guests to a party! What a fun idea for a wedding! You could go all out, or keep it simple and minimalist with a pineapple theme. This is a wonderful idea for an island wedding with a fun tropical vibe!

Check out some fun party ideas that I found!



Photo Credits:

Board #1:

Place card holders / Wedding Cake / Wine Cork Favor  / Pineapple Salsa; Whole Foods Market

Board #2

Save the Date / Bridesmaid dresses; Amanda Wilcher Photography / Pineapple-Mint cocktail / Centerpiece; Something Blue Weddings


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