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Post Wedding Blues

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There are some brides that get very frustrated and anxious during their planning, others who enjoy it, but are glad when it’s over and there are others still that LOVE the wedding planning process. They are into every detail, very organized, and while not always in full bridezilla mode, they definitely have a vision and will make sure it’s executed perfectly. I’ve known some of these brides in my day, and the only problem with being one of “these” brides, is the post wedding blues! They have put so much time and effort into their wedding that when the party is over and the thank you cards sent, they don’t really know what to do with themselves! This is when the post wedding blues come in! Many brides get sad and want to keep reliving that day over and over again, which unfortunately, isn’t feasible!


J. Layne Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

I was given a great piece of advice from my friend, Katie. She told me to make sure during the planning that Dan and I take at least one day per week and not mention the wedding. I thought about this and as I pondered, I realized how hard that might actually be. We are early in the process and there are very few days that go by without something being mentioned and I can see how that could easily escalate as we get closer. The wedding is a one day party, one that you will remember and cherish throughout your life, but in the end, it’s the two of you and your marriage that matter, not the party.

I found an article on the Huffington Post with five tips on how to beat the post wedding blues and while they list things to do after the wedding, I’m all about prevention, so I plan on doing some of these now!


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