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Save the Date research!

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Before beginning this process, I always felt that save the dates were a waste of money, paper and time! It’s so easy to announce your date on facebook, through email or text these days, that it almost makes it obsolete to send out save the dates, right? Possibly, but in our case, wrong! For our guest list (which isn’t finalized yet), the vast majority are from out of state. With me being from Michigan and Dan going to school in two different states, everyone is spread all over the country.

I recently read found some guidelines that you should follow for your save the dates (as always, these are not rules, just tips, every wedding is different):

) Send them out 6 months before the ceremony.
2) If you want to save money, only send them to out-of-town guests and people you know will need to plan far in advance.
3) They are a must for destination weddings, or if your wedding happens to fall on a 3-day holiday weekend.
4) If you’re going with a quirky photo or motif, be cautious about who you’re sending them to. Especially if you have any relatives on the conservative side.
5) Be upfront about who’s invited. Does the guest receive a +1? Are you banning children from your wedding? It’s important to note this in the content of the card.
6) Remember to add “Invitation to Follow.”
7) Don’t forget to include your wedding website URL.

A long time ago, Dan and I talked about how staged photos are cheesy (beautiful, but cheesy) and while I’m sure we will have many of these photos during our engagement session and wedding day, we thought it would be fun to do a shoot in our living room or kitchen. Relaxed, watching TV, basically just being us!

save1Katie Boink

Here are some other fun ideas that I’ve found:

Scratch off:


Martha Stewart Weddings



Kellan Studios

Tying the Knot:


Matt Brown Photography

For a library wedding, these book cards from CharleysCache are adorable and so fitting! The card comes blank and you can customize for the two of you!


After finding these, the search may be over! I love the humor and realness of the information listed.


Natalia Grosner

With so many unique and clever ideas out there, I don’t know how we will narrow it down, but check back soon. Save the Dates are the next big item on our to do list, so I’ll have more info soon!


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