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Over the last weekend, my good friend, Renee, came to visit! I knew going into this weekend that I wanted to ask her to be my bridesmaid and was excited for her to get into town! What I didn’t know was how I wanted to ask. I knew that I wanted to try and ask my girls in person. I know that this isn’t always feasible for everyone and there is still a chance that I won’t be able to do this, but I really wanted to try, that’s why I was so excited for Renee to come into town! Dan and I have not decided the size of our bridal party yet, but regardless of how many people I had in our party, I knew that Renee would be one of them.

I sometimes feel that when it comes to weddings, couples want to makes theirs “better” then every other wedding they’ve attended, which can overshadow the meaning of the wedding. With pinterest being so prominent in our lives, I think that brides feel pressure to be over the top and original with their bridesmaids proposals. I didn’t want to succumb to this pressure, so to ask my ladies, I wanted something simple and sweet, and mainly, meaningful to us. I went to Paper Source, a stationery shop down the street and picked up the card below, beautifully created by Dempsey & Carroll.


I wrote a message that was true to us and our 20+ year friendship. I also got her a bottle of Prosecco, because, well, who doesn’t like some sparkling wine? The moment she read the card, she smiled with tears in her eyes and immediately asked what my plans were and where I was at with planning, along with 100 other questions! And I knew at that moment, that I had made the perfect choice with bridesmaid #1!


I want to have a different moment for each, but I plan on doing something similar with the rest of my party; simple, sweet and most of all meaningful.


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