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Stargazer lily

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My favorite flower for some time now is the stargazer lily and lucky for me, it’s in season in the spring/summer! The stargazer is named because of the way the petals point toward the sky, which sends a message of high hopes, optimism and limitless possibilities, perfect for a wedding! The only problem is that typically, the stargazer blooms in white or pink, so if I wanted to include fresh lilies in our wedding, I would have to get creative. Our colors are cobalt blue and lavender, so maybe I could throw a couple of white stargazers in the mix!

I like the idea of a short centerpiece with the lilies; it’s simple, clean and elegant! You can even add some color, to brighten it up!


whitelilycenterpiece; Kim and Company

I also like the idea of incorporating the lily in my bouquet, and adding some additional flowers for colors


Jill Higgins Photography

These tall, full bouquets for the ceremony are stunning!
This bridesmaids’ bouquet put together by Carrie Powell Floral Designs is very similar to what I am looking for, with the pops of blue and white. The only thing I would change for myself would be a purple flower instead of the pink!
I have another idea up my sleeve on how to bring lilies into our wedding day, but we’ll get to that later!

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