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As a personal trainer, I have come across my fair share of brides. I usually encounter them towards the end of their planning experience, which as a professional, isn’t the best time to start training, but hey, later is better than never! Most of my brides are stressed, pulled in every direction, worried about their weight, skin, hair, nails, and every other little detail that you can think of!

I recently started training with a new bride who is getting married later this year; she has had some unexpected occurrences come up through her process and she was almost in tears as she sat in my office telling me about her wedding. By the end of the session, those tears went away and by session two, she was smiling, energetic, exhilarated and much happier (even though she was exhausted from the workout)! All she needed was a little “me time” and some good old fashion stress relieving!

Before beginning this process, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let that happen to me, that I would never be that bride! Well, that went out the window quickly, as venue hunting (step one) got to me! I now know that this is a stressful process, but if you approach it the right way, it can be a beautiful process. Stress is always going to be a part of your life, and if you can find a way to deal with your stress, or even better, be able to better turn the bad stress into good stress, this journey will be that much more enjoyable for you and especially for your groom!

Personally, my favorite way to destress is to run and since I’m training for the Chicago Marathon, I’m going to have the chance to do enough of that!



Another of my favorite ways to relax is to get a massage, this is a wonderful way to stop thinking for at least an hour and have someone else take care of YOU!

Candles and stones in a calm zen spa environment.


I personally find mediation hard, as I’m an on the go person who rarely takes a minute to sit and just breathe, but through this process, I have a feeling that meditation might just be the key for me!



How do you take care of the stresses in your life?


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