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We set the date!

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Picking a venue and setting the date was such a huge relief off of my shoulders. There are always a ton of weddings in Chicago in the Spring and I was getting nervous that we would have to settle for a venue that we weren’t super excited about.

I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s back up to how we got to where we are! We had narrowed our selections, and while I loved both places, one was more budget conscious (which is always a factor) and the other had the better view (which was a big deal to us). I wished that I could mesh the two together! I was stressed and getting nervous, and wanted to make a decision sooner rather than later. Then Dan called me to tell me he had heard about yet another place… I almost strangled him (love you honey)! I checked out the Westin Michigan Avenue and on paper it seemed to be the best of both worlds! I was cautiously optimistic.


We got to the venue and toured the spaces while speaking with the rep about the details. I fell in LOVE! The room was perfect, floor to ceiling windows overlooking the famed Michigan Avenue with the light streaming in, it couldn’t get much better. Then the rep told us that if we booked within two weeks of that day, we would get 25% off of our package! What?! Let’s do this!  We discussed dates with Phyllis and finally settled on June 13, 2015!

Now it’s time for the fun to begin!

Photo credit: Westin Michigan Avenue


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