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Wedding Officiants: I Do?

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A growing trend in weddings is having a friend or family member perform the ceremony, instead of a religious representative. We haven’t made any concrete decisions, but are leaning in that direction. I feel that it’s a great way to keep a ceremony light and fun filled, and performed by a person that knows you both well. I’ve even asked our friend, Matt, but Dan is on the fence about that one! We had the pleasure of attending a wedding recently in which they asked a friend to perform the ceremony and it was lovely! He was able to make jokes, while staying respectful of the importance of the duty he was asked to do.

These days it is fairly simple to become an ordained minister, you can go to American Marriage Ministries or Open Ministry. Some states may have different requirements, so make sure to check before you begin.

How do you feel about having an friend officiate?


Photo Credit: She Finds


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