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Who Pays?

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There was once a time when the lines of payment were drawn pretty boldly, and you had to stick to each side paying for their “part”.  In many cases this still appeals to couples today. In modern times there are many other couples where those lines get a little blurry; one family doesn’t have as much money or the couple is getting married later in life and they want to pay for their wedding themselves. In this day and age, budgets are a free for all!

Traditionally, the expenses were divided as so:


Kai Squared Events

Many of my friends helped to contribute to their wedding along with both sets of parents. This allows the couple to have more of a say in what happens in their wedding (the old saying goes, “He who pays, says!”) and it helps to not burden one side or the other. This is completely acceptable and you will want to make sure early on that you have a clear cut picture of what your families are willing or not willing to contribute for your wedding. This will help you to decide how much you want to add and therefore, what your overall budget will be!


Blooms By The Box


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