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We have a florist! One more thing checked off our to do list (which is somehow getting longer the closer we get to our day). After speaking and meeting with a few different designers, I was able to make the decision to move forward with A Stem Above. While sitting with co-owner Erin, discussing our necessities and our vision, she came up with so many good ideas and was able to pull my random thoughts together to send me a proposal that was exactly what I was looking for. I had met with other florists that just weren’t quite “getting” me and kept showing me more vintage type items, even though I said modern on numerous occasions. Erin was also able to come up with some unique elements for our ceremony space, which I loved, since I don’t want our wedding to look like every other wedding our guests have attended.

She was also very conscious of a budget and stated numerous times that once I got the proposal, if something seemed like it was too expensive, we could figure it out, (again something else not every vendor was willing to do) either using different flowers, or just less of the more expensive ones. Since our ceremony and reception are in the same space, we will also be using the same resources for both, to keep the costs down and the feel cohesive. This is a great way to keep the budget in check, so when meeting with a florist, ask if they can use the same pieces for each aspect of your day.

Erin took my thoughts for our centerpieces; I wanted to go with two different options, and came up with three designs for us to choose from. I knew that we were going to go with a lantern surrounded by flowers piece, but for the second centerpiece, I was at a loss. Well, she got up and started throwing things together and poof, she had mixed small silver vases, with blue/purple floral, and three tiered, clear vases with a floating candle. Perfect! She also added an option of a traditional small cluster of flowers, but after seeing options one and two, I didn’t even need to see a third!

I am so excited to work with Erin and A Stem Above for our big day. I know that Erin (who is super laid back and creative, my polar opposite!) will be able to pull off exactly what we want for our wedding and then some!

I’m not going to give away the ideas that Erin and I came up with, but here is some of their other amazing work!

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingflowers

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingflowers

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingflowers

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingflowers

All photos courtesy of A Stem Above (except for #2, I took that while in the showroom during my meeting with Erin)


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