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Decorating the Altar


When I met with our florist, she asked me if we wanted a structure on our ceremony altar. I declined for a couple of reasons:

1. Budget: Bringing in a structure that you aren’t going to use after the ceremony can be a lot of money.

2. I wanted our ceremony to be different. Most weddings I’ve attended have had a structure above them.

3. Space: Our ceilings are not the highest and I would have felt crowded with more “stuff” in the space.

Many other brides have decided to bring in some sort of canopy or chuppah for their ceremony, often times for religious purposes. It is said to symbolize the home; four posts surrounded by cloth, with no furniture to show that the “home” is really about the persons inhabiting it, not the things that we have. Which I thought was a beautiful sentiment.

Here are some gorgeous ideas that I found, in case you are thinking of having a canopy over you and your groom!

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopyVallentyne Photography

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopyBroward Blooms

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopyBarnet Photography

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopyKarin Tran Florals

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopySimple Weddings Florida

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopy
Water Color Resort

What I love most about structures for the ceremony is that you can make it as elaborate or simple as you would like! As you can see from my examples, some use an amazing amount of florals, and others, just fabric and wooden poles!

You can also add DIY elements like this couple did with their paper pom poms!

  we ❤ this! #weddingcanopyConfetti Day Dreams


2 thoughts on “Decorating the Altar

  1. These are so gorgeous. Thanks for the images. Inspiring indeed


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