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Honeymoon…I DO!

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I think the best part of wedding planning is the end result…the honeymoon! Ok, well, the marriage is the best part, but how much fun is a trip to an exotic locale? So much fun, that Dan and I have decided to take TWO trips! We thought about it, and we will take a long weekend trip to someplace close and easy to get to/from, right after the wedding and then a few months later, we will go halfway around the world to Bora Bora or Thailand.

Our first plan was to do something different and have our guests vote for where we should take our trip to, but since we are traveling on points/miles (through strategic spending for our wedding), we need to book our airfare 330 days out. Yes, exactly 330 days, that is when the airlines open up flights for purchase/mile usage, so if this is your plan, make sure to pay attention to the dates of your prospective trip. If you want to sit together and sit in first class, then you will want to make sure to book as close to 330 as possible. Dan is taking care of all of these details, as he loves to figure out airline routes and travel itineraries.

Before deciding where we wanted to go, we each narrowed down our top three destinations and then narrowed it down again for two reasons:

1. Weather in various places of the world in October (month we want to travel). Here is a great article from The Knot, breaking down each month for the best places to visit. You might get a really great deal on a trip to Jamaica, but if it’s hurricane season, how great would it be? Always check your destinations’ weather pattern.

2. How active we want to be during our honeymoon. This is a big one that many couples forget. Do you want to sightsee all day, every day or would you rather sit on a beach and do next to nothing for your trip? If the former is more your feeling, then somewhere like Europe would be the place for you, but if you want to relax and take things easy, it might not be the best option.

So, now that we’ve decided on those items, it’s pretty much going to come down to what location has the best flight options for the miles we have. Which would you choose Thailand or Bora Bora?

  ~ we ❤ this! ~ #honeymoons


  ~ we ❤ this! ~ #honeymoons

Bora Bora

We can’t really go wrong either way!


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