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Kyro and The Irish

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As we got ready to take our engagement pictures with our friend Ingrid Bonne, I began contemplating what we should wear (total girl move there!). I knew that we wanted to have Kyro in some of the pictures, and I figured a more casual look would be good, which made me think that this would be a good time to do something for Dan. He is a HUGE fan of Notre Dame football, so I thought, we should wear some ND gear and take the pup around for a walk in our neighborhood.

What happened next was amazing. Ingrid truly is one of the best photographers. I love her personality, her ideas and most especially the way that she made Dan and I crack up while trying to get Kyro’s attention. I’ll be quiet now and let the pictures do the talking.

  we ❤ this! #engagementphotos

  we ❤ this! #engagementphotos

  we ❤ this! #engagementphotos

I’ll be back soon with more pictures after we took Kyro home and went trekking around the city!


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