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Making Things Easier: Self Addressed Stamps

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As we all know (or if you’ve just started planning, you’ll soon find out), wedding planning can be stressful and time consuming. I’m all for efficiency and time management, so when I started seeing custom stamps with your address popping up all over the internet, I immediately jumped for joy! I loved the idea of stamping our save the date, thank you and invitation envelopes with a stamp, rather than handwriting our address on each one… hello cramped hand! Then I thought about it a bit more, and since we don’t plan on living in our current apartment for that much longer, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to purchase one of these for $50+ (not bank breaking, but when you’re planning a wedding, every dollar counts).

Then I received an email from Groupon, and they were offering $10 off any deal they had going on. I wasn’t really looking for anything, but fate must have taken over, because the third deal was for a self addressed stamp! It was on groupon for $26 and then I got the $10 off as well! Score! Spending $16 on something that we only need for seven months sounds much more reasonable to me. I purchased the groupon and sent the link for 2712 Designs to Dan, so he could let me know his favorite design options (they have a TON!) and we would pick one together from there.

We decided to go with Sunny Side Up

  we ❤ this!

A super cute one for a wedding is A Date to Remember

  we ❤ this!

Another adorable option is Stole My Heart

  we ❤ this!

I’m so happy that I read the groupon email and found a deal for this. Lesson for all you brides out there…look for deals in places that you wouldn’t have thought to look!


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