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Put a Ring On It?

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Recently, Dan and I were running some errands, while talking about random wedding nonsense (this has become commonplace these days) and I mentioned something about him thinking about what type of ring he wants. And then he hit me with a question I NEVER thought I would hear from his lips: “What about a tattoo?” Huh? Who are you? Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against tattoos, I have one myself, but I wouldn’t think that he would ever want one and especially not in place of a wedding ring. His thought (which is a thought of many men out there) is that he’s never worn jewelry and it would be hard to get used to a ring on his finger. This conversation got me thinking about what it would look like if he did in fact get a tattoo instead of a ring.

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingringtattoo

Jamie Morse Photography

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingringtattoo

Weddings by Sasha

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingringtattoo

Josh Goodman

While I love the feeling coming from the grooms’ eyes in this picture, I don’t know how I would feel about getting the tattoo right then are there at the wedding!

~ we ❤ this! ~ #weddingringtattoo

Ryan Brenizer

I’m not opposed to this idea. What are your thoughts on tattooed wedding rings?


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