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Toss Away the Bouquet Toss!

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The bouquet toss originated way back in the day when brides needed an alternative to single female guests tearing their dress apart. Yes, you heard me right, their dress! It was said that since brides are lucky on their wedding day, if you had a memento from the bride, you would be lucky as well. This caused all the single ladies to try to take the closest article to the bride, which would be her dress. Since no bride wants to leave her reception naked, they started throwing their bouquet to get the women away from them. And now we have the formal bouquet toss!

I personally am not a fan of the bouquet/garter toss, so Dan and I will not be doing that; but what if we wanted to do something else, maybe start a new tradition? I’ve found a couple of alternatives, not many, but something to get my mind thinking for an idea to suite us!

For this one, brides tie ribbon around their bouquet. Each single lady takes one of the outstretched ribbons, and the bride cuts the ribbon, one at a time. The last ribbon connected to the bouquet, wins!

 we ❤ this! #bouquettossalternative

Sylvain Leleprier

A very Southern tradition is a cake pull. I’ve heard this done with bridesmaids before the wedding or during the wedding with the single gals. Charms are placed inside the cake, attached to ribbon hanging outside, each single woman grabs a ribbon and pulls until the charm comes out! Traditionally, the charms signify a fortune to come. Here is a key as to what each charm means, from Southern Weddings.

 we ❤ this! #bouquettossalternative

Mark Eric

Another fun idea I found was to lock up your bouquet in a glass case, and give out keys to the lock. Whomever has the winning key, gets the bouquet!

As always, you can skip the toss altogether, and either not purchase a toss bouquet or you can give it to the single guest you want! What are your thoughts on the bouquet toss?


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