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Types of Bouquets?

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Huh? There are different types? I thought it was as simple as picking some colors, picking some flowers and wrapping them together. OK, I knew it wasn’t that simple. I knew that our florist would need some more info than that, but I didn’t realize that there are different types of bouquets and even that certain ones work better with certain body types! Now it was time to do some research. I want to give my florist as much direction as possible, while still letting them use their own creative abilities. So this is what I found:

Nosegay: Small, round cluster of flowers, cut to the same length.

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Onelove Photography

Cascade: Waterfall like effect of the flowers, falling down from the brides hands. Works best with a large dress.

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David Boyd

Biedermeier: Basically a nosegay turned up a notch. Using concentric circles for a striped look.

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Rene van Rems

Hand tied: a dense bunch of flowers, usually wired or hand tied.

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Wedding Specialists

Arm Spray: long stems, held either against the side of your body or tucked in your elbow, trailing your forearm.

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Calli B


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