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Where to Register?

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Now that we’re past the nine months to go mark and we are sending out our save the dates soon, it’s time to register! The first wedding registry was created in Chicago in 1924; before this time, engaged/married couples were given gifts of prosperity, fertility and fidelity. Then Marshall Field’s had an idea, why don’t we let brides and grooms choose what they want to have in their homes after their wedding day? Well, this quickly caught on and from that point on, more and more stores have jumped on board and created an option to register at their store.

Leave it to the modern brides of today to spin the traditional registry on its head! Today there are so many types of registries that you can choose from. Forget the going to the store with the scan gun and having a wish list field day. Now we have websites where your guests can contribute to your honeymoon, mortgage, or home down payment. You can ask for gift cards, or even items from the Home Depot to remodel your space. The possibilities are endless!

When deciding on where to register, you and your groom need to sit down and decide what you need most. It used to be that wedding gifts were helping you build your home together, but with many couples already living together, that might not be necessary and you might rather have the money to put into a bigger space. Or if you are a later in life bride, maybe the honeymoon registry option best fits you!

Even though Dan and I have lived together for about five years and have most of the gadgets and gizmos the kitchen department sells, we have decided to go the traditional route and register for home items. Because of this, I have put off replacing some of our older dishes/pots/pans/etc, and we will wait until we start receiving gifts to get rid of them.  We decided to go where it all started, to Macy’s on State St, which is the original Marshall Fields (and to Chicago residents always will be) and also at Crate and Barrel.




Crate and Barrel

Let me know where you want to register!


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