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Beauty Checklist: Three-Six Month

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Time is ticking away! I can’t believe we’re past the six months left to go mark! Now that we’ve hit this point, I have a new list of items to check off my beauty list:

-Decide on hair and makeup looks and schedule trials. This will help you to choose the best stylists for you, to ensure you look perfect on your day! This will also help you to eliminate looks that don’t work for you; fake lashes take some getting used to, so your trial is the time to test them out.

-Keep your skin moisturized and free of blemishes. If you’re three-six month mark is during the winter, you will have to work extra hard to moisturize.

-Try out any body treatments that you are thinking of having close to your wedding day. Thinking of a spray tan? Try it out soon, so that you can see how it wears off, and what shade will look best for you. My personal tip on this: DON’T use the machines, go to someone who is spraying your themselves, that way they can mix the color for your skin tone.

-Take a look at your brows. Do you need to grow them out? Consider going to see a brow specialist to see what you can do.

I recently went for two hair trials to test out some stylists, and here are the results!

we ❤ this!   #weddingupdo

we ❤ this!   #weddingupdo

we ❤ this!   #weddingupdo

Which would you go with? Check back on our wedding day to see what I decided!


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