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Building Your Registry

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As I mentioned before, Dan and I had decided to register at Macy’s and Crate and Barrel. I felt that this would give us and our guests enough options to choose from. What I didn’t plan on was how overwhelming and time consuming this would be. We made our appointment at Macy’s and the ladies there were WONDERFUL! They took us through each step of the process and kept checking in on us while we were walking around. A nice thing about the Macy’s that we went to, it’s gigantic, seriously it’s seven floors of stuff. Which means that we had to go through two entire floors (home and kitchen) trying to narrow down which items we liked; I never thought I would spend 30 minutes comparing the softness of towels!

While going through the process, I came up with a few takeaways that I wish I had thought of before, so I hope this helps you out!

-Take inventory of what you have and what needs to be replaced. If you recently got dishes and you like them, maybe putting those on your list isn’t the best option. And if you have no clue what you need? The best part about going into the store, is that they have a list of typical items and quantities you will need!

-Decide if you want (and have the room) for fine china. We live in the city, so we have storage space the size of a normal person’s bathroom! Fine china might not be the best gift for us.

-RESEARCH!! You’re going to get to a store and have 12 different coffee makers, eight waffle makers, 15 sets of cookware, and more! This is mind boggling, and can be very overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. For me, I knew that I wanted cookware that was dishwasher safe, so that narrowed down our options, which helped immensely!

-Compromise. You want a purple bathroom, your groom wants blue. I know this sounds like a silly example, but after you’ve found the softest towel, you then have to choose the colors you want. This can be a battle, just a heads up.

-Let him have something. Let’s be honest, your groom does NOT care about the dishes he eats his dinner off of, but he does care about those whiskey glasses he’s going to stock his bar with, so let him choose. This is a prime example of losing a battle to win the war; you give him those glasses, and maybe you’ll get to choose the bathroom color!

-Make sure you have enough options in varying price points. Yes, you will have some guests that want to and can afford the priciest gift, but there are many others that cannot, but still want to get you something. Make sure that there is something on there for them to gift you.

-You can change your mind. The best part about the age of technology, you can go online and switch up your registry at any time. When we first started scanning, we inputted the wrong number of something, so when we got home, I got online and changed the quantity. You can also do your entire registry online, but I would suggest you go into at least one of your stores, items look different online versus in person.

-Narrow down what you would like at each store. Does Macy’s have better china options and Crate and Barrel have better casual dishware? I wish I had thought about that beforehand, because we could have saved ourselves some time wandering through tables and tables of dishes.

-Ask for help. This is hard for me. I’m too independent to ask others, but that is what the staff is for. The nice thing is, they’ve done this so many times that they already know most of the questions you’re going to ask!

-Have fun! This is the most important and can be difficult. Remember, you are building a home together. Either you’ve never lived together, or you have, but just combined your single lives. Now, you’re choosing these options for BOTH of you to enjoy!

 we ❤ this!


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