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Cake Design

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As our cake tasting draws near, I thought it might be a good time to start looking at what we would like for the design of our cake. I took a look at our bakery website, Oak Mill Bakery, and I found some designs that got me thinking. There were only five pages, and I know that once we get to the store, they are going to have books upon books of choices, so I should narrow it down now! we ❤ this!  #weddingcake we ❤ this!  #weddingcakeIncluded in our package are certain design options, and others are an extra charge. I won’t know for sure exactly what is included until we get there and begin looking, so I’m not going to get my heart set on anything yet, but I’ve found some options elsewhere to take to our appointment as inspiration.

I like the idea of the chocolate buttercream, instead of traditional white, from The Custom Cake Shop. The brightly colored middle tier from The Couture Cakery is so eye catching! Sugar Ruffles designed this grey ombre cake that is so on trend these days and I just love the open ruffle design. (Since I’ve chosen to show it in three pictures now, this might be my number one desire!) The option from House of Elegant Cakes is a little frilly for me, but I do love the quilted design on the third tier. we ❤ this!  #weddingcake


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