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Chalkboard Signs: How to Make Your Own!

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A large trend in weddings these days is chalkboard signs; I’ve seen them all over the place! While there are so many shops on Etsy that will customize these signs for you, it could get a bit expensive depending on your wedding.

We do need to have a couple of signs around our venue to direct our guests, and I love the look of chalkboard signs, but I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, so writing them out myself is out of the question. This is where google comes in handy. I searched for DIY chalkboard signs, and low and behold a website popped up: How to Nest for Less. This site has a download for a chalkboard background:

 we ❤ this!   #DIYweddingchalkboardsigns(This one is not full size, so if you would like to download it for your wedding, make sure to go to the site I included above!)

From there all you need to do is upload the background in a picture editing program. I use You are able to write on top of the background, and change the font if you would like! The site I listed above has a link for you to go to in order to download other fonts, if you had a specific one in mind.

This is a screenshot of a sign that I am working on for our unplugged ceremony!

 we ❤ this!   #DIYweddingchalkboardsigns

This is so easy and the finished product looks fantastic! And since we are going to put these signs in a frame, we won’t have to worry about missing out on the chalkboard texture!


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