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Corks and Bottles

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Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine (or even a bad bottle on some days!)?  A growing trend in wedding decor is using old wine bottles and corks around your reception. The best part about these items is that you can glam them out with some glitter or you can distress them and go for a more vintage vibe. How do you feel about using vino to decorate?

I love the idea of using a cork for a boutonniere!

  we ❤ this!  #wineweddingideasThe Vintage Perch

Or how about your guests’ place card holder?

  we ❤ this!  #wineweddingideasLauren Brooks Photography

Glam up your bottle with some mod podge and glitter, and have a cork to hold a picture of you and your groom.

  we ❤ this!  #wineweddingideasLegacy

This is a fantastic idea! Have your guests write you a note to open on the anniversary of the year listed on the label!

  we ❤ this!  #wineweddingideasLisa Hessel Photography

This couple used wine bottles as their guest book (and they picked a stellar team to choose, Go Hawks!)

  we ❤ this!  #wineweddingideasWarmoski Photography


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