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How fun would it be months after your wedding date to look back and see handwritten notes from your guests! This is why I’m so excited to have a guest book! We have decided on a nontraditional guest book, but I will leave that reveal for our big day!

Some other ideas that I’ve fallen in love with are having a desktop globe, a wooden plank with your initials, puzzle pieces to create a heart or picture when put together, your engagement picture blown up, an advice book or even a custom 3D print for your guests to sign! With so many choices, how does a couple choose?

 we ❤ this!  #weddingguestbookideasArmosa Studios

 we ❤ this!  #weddingguestbookideasHazy Lane Studios

 we ❤ this!  #weddingguestbookideasBella Puzzles

 we ❤ this!  #weddingguestbookideasCarrie Wildes

 we ❤ this!  #weddingguestbookideasBragging Bags

 we ❤ this!  #weddingguestbookideasTotally Salinda


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