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Invitations Picked!

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We’ve found our invitations! I searched high and low for the type of invites I was looking for that were in our budget. Head’s up, this seems to be a sticking point when it comes to invites. There are so many beautiful options out there, but can you afford it? That’s the question! Well, I found them and we can definitely afford them and that’s because Erica at Peacock Printing is so fairly priced and offers a great product that you can customize however you would like!

From the moment we started conversing, Erica has been so helpful with the process. Since she has done this so many times, she knows what fonts, sizes, colors, etc work well with each invite design. She emailed us numerous drafts, patiently working with our many changes, and once we had decided on the one we liked, she sent us a physical sample. Another word of advice, when it comes to invitations ALWAYS get a sample; things look and feel different in person!

I’m not going to show you the design that we chose, but I will show you just a sampling of her other paper products. The best part is, Erica can make everything match from your invitations, to the reply cards, menus and escort cards!

 we ❤ this!  #weddingescortcards

 we ❤ this!  #weddinginvitations

 we ❤ this!  #weddinginvitations

 we ❤ this!  #weddinginvitations

 we ❤ this!  #weddinginvitations

I’m so excited that I found Erica and I can’t wait for you to see our invites!


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