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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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With Mardi Gras just behind us, I can’t hep but think of one of my favorite cities in the world, New Orleans! I love New Orleans, always have and since Dan decided that was the place to propose, I love it even more! New Orleans has such a unique, authentic, lively culture that is all about partying and having a great time! “Laissez les bons temps rouler” is a creole french saying, meaning “Let the Good Times Roll”, and this is the motto of NOLA!

A must of any NOLA wedding is a parade featuring a brass band or “second line!”

  we ❤ this!  #NewOrleanswedding

Heirloom Collective

With the stunning backdrop of the French Quarter, you can get some amazing shots of your dress.

  we ❤ this!  #NewOrleansweddingMrs Vintage

The courtyards tucked away behind many old mansions in the Quarter are a surreal place to host your ceremony.

  we ❤ this!  #NewOrleansweddingTwirl Photography

This photo was taken from almost the exact spot that Dan got down on one knee!

  we ❤ this!  #NewOrleansweddingMeg Photo

You can host your reception at the Hotel Montelone and possibly have your cocktail hour at the Carousel Bar, which actually spins (slowly) as if you were on a carousel!

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A wedding in the Big Easy wouldn’t be complete without beignets from Cafe Du Monde! (This was taken on our last trip there.)

  we ❤ this!  #NewOrleanswedding


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