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The Black Tux

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If you have a groom like mine, he’s rented his fair share of tuxes for friends’ weddings. So when we started looking at his attire, it was natural for him to be swayed in the direction of the national rental market. He has a groomsman who does not live near us, so it helps out if we have a place that you can go to country wide. As Dan began his research, he happened upon a new type of service, The Black Tux. This is still a rental company, but they specialize in a small selection of designer products, that way you aren’t overwhelmed by the options. Also, they only rent each suit/tux out 15 times before retiring it; many national retailers rent each product out 40-80 times, which can makes those items look older and worn.

 we ❤ this!   #groomstuxThe service is so simple: you input your measurements (either measuring yourself or going to a tailor) and pick which suit/tux you would like. From there, they send you the suit one week ahead of time. If for some reason it doesn’t fit, there is an emergency fit service! They also have a built in service, so you can see which of your groomsmen have or have not sent in measurements, paid, and received their suits! I think the best part of it all is the return process. Your suit comes with a prepaid shipping label, you put it on the box and drop it off at your local UPS. No rounding up the groomsmen’s suit in the garment bags and hauling them to the store.

You can also rent all of the accessories (yes, men wear accessories) that you would typically rent at a national retailer! Check out just a sample of the items below: we ❤ this!  #groomsmenaccessories

They’ve pretty much thought of it all! I definitely think that this is the direction Dan will be going for his wedding attire!


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