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Altering Your Dress

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The time has arrived! We are about two months out, so it’s time to meet with a tailor to have some work done on my dress. I’m pretty lucky, I have to say, my beautiful David Tutera for Mon Cheri dress fits me almost perfectly! The only major change I have to make is to the hem. I’m short, so I knew that this was going to happen.

For you brides-to- be out there, I have two recommendations when it comes to your alterations…

1) If you are looking to change your body (not that you need to!) do it long BEFORE your first fitting; this will ensure a perfect fit without having to make a bunch of (expensive) changes from your first to second and third appointments.

2) Make initial consultations with more than one tailor. This is a mistake that I made. I trusted a friend who had gone to my tailor before and while I knew that it would cost some money, I did not expect the amount to be what it came out to be. The problem was, there was no time to make another appointment, most places had already booked up, so I couldn’t go to another vendor to see what their pricing would have been. Making a consultation does not obligate you to work with that person and if you are uncomfortable with the price or the quality of their work, you can go somewhere else and get a second opinion.

While I was in my appointment, the tailor pinned and made some recommendations based on her expertise. Some I went with, some I didn’t. Remember, this is your dress and your body. If you do not like the look of something, do not feel pressured just because they told you that you should make the change. We also decided on my bustle. I went into the morning thinking that I wanted a French or under bustle, but after she pinned it up, I fell in love with the way that my dress looked with the American or over bustle.

Here are examples of an under and an over bustle for you to see and if you know your dresses, you’ll notice that they’re both designed by the one and only David Tutera!

  we ❤ this!  #davidtuteradressesTrue Photography Weddings

  we ❤ this!  #davidtuteradressesVictoria Schneider Photography


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