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Dan’s Gift

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As we get closer to our wedding day, I’ve been racking my brain as to what to get for Dan as a wedding present. We decided early on that we didn’t need to get each other anything and while I’m not a big receiver of presents, I LOVE to give them. So, I decided to go behind his back and do a little something for him, yea, I’m sneaky! 😉

I went back and forth with some traditional wedding gifts; watches (I’ve gotten him very nice watches in the past), cuff links (he would never use them), and he would love something sports related, but I wanted something unique! Then I had an idea of something that he would love and carry with him through time, and I would feel good about now and into the future, which lead me to a boudoir shoot!

After searching high and low for the right photographer, I found Revealed Studios and fell in love with the shots from their website! I spoke with one of the owners/main photographers and knew that this was the place for me. Included in their packages is hair, makeup, multiple outfit changes, and more importantly, self esteem boosters! Taking off layers of clothing in front of a complete stranger is a daunting task and these ladies are here to empower you and make you feel like the beautiful woman that you are! This was perfect for me!

Below is just a sampling of their work! (I’m not going to show off my own shots until after Dan approves! :))  we ❤ this!    #boudoirphotography

  we ❤ this!    #boudoirphotography

  we ❤ this!    #boudoirphotography

  we ❤ this!    #boudoirphotography

What do you think of a boudoir shoot as a gift for your significant other?


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