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Rehearsal Dinner

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If you know anything about Chicago, you know it’s a sports kind of town! Good or bad, we love our teams and no one more so than Dan. So when I found out that they were putting in a Chicago Sports Museum and it was two doors down from the Westin, I knew we had to have our rehearsal dinner there! The restaurant associated with the museum is Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch, an iconic restaurant group in the city, so I knew that the dinner would be spectacular, and coupled with the fun and games of the museum, it’s the perfect place to go!

We spoke with Dan’s parents, who will be hosting the dinner, and after looking at a few other places downtown, they were sold as well! We all knew that the food options would be perfect for the variety of people that we have coming, and we also thought about traveling from the ceremony space to the dinner and wanted to make it easy on all of us. Friday night is not an easy time to navigate the city, especially when you don’t know where you’re going!

rehearsal1Traditionally, the grooms family hosts the dinner and would be in charge of formal invites, menu, location, etc, but with many couples’ deviating from tradition, you can get creative! You don’t have to have formal invites, most times only close family and bridal party are invited, so you could get away with an easy email, or you could ask for help from your guests and go with a pot luck dinner at someone’s house. Whatever works best for you! It used to be that all out of town guests were invited, but these days, with so many couples getting married away from their hometown, that could mean a second wedding! Because of this, you can alert any guests who will be around your venue that they are welcome to join you for drinks after the dinner is over.

This should be a time to relax and have fun with friends and family, keep it lighthearted and enjoyable! I recently read a great tip while researching the rehearsal dinner: there should be no tasks that are left for after this event, everything should be done and ready to go, so that you can appreciate all your hard work!


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