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Sunless Tanning

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As someone who worked in a tanning salon for years, I can appreciate the bronze glow that comes from tanning; what I cannot appreciate is the very harmful side effects that come with it! That’s why I’m a huge advocate of spray tanning! If you’re like me, this is already on your wedding week to do list. If done correctly, it gives you a beautiful, even color and can help you to look slimmer in the process!

Here are some tips to get the best sunless tan!


-Stay away from machine or booth spray tans; always go to someone that sprays you so that it is customized.

-Take it for a test ride! Go to the salon and try it out first! Maybe before your bachelorette party or another wedding you have coming up. This way you know exactly how the tan wears on your skin, and if you even like it at all!

-If you are getting a manicure and/or pedicure or need to wax, make sure to do it before your tan.

-Shower before your appointment. This will help to open up your pores for the color. Do not put on lotion after your shower as this will block the color!

-During that shower, exfoliate and shave. This is probably the most important step because if your skin has too many dead skin cells, the color will not adhere to your skin properly.


-The color takes some time to develop in your skin, so don’t be nervous that you aren’t dark enough.

-Make sure the technician puts the color blocking lotion on your hands and feet. If not you could end up with cheeto like fingers!


-Wear loose fitting, dark clothing and no bra if you can, since your skin may still be wet after the tan.

-Avoid sweating or water of any kind (even rain water). This could cause your tan to spot or wash off in certain places, but not others!

-After 8-10 hours you can shower and apply lotion, which will help to keep your color looking like new!

-If you have parts of your body that rub against your dress, rub some baby powder on them, which will help to minimize irritation.



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